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Social Studies Collection - March And Denise Session 1 - 24 Oct 04 Pic 0 _TOP_. Related Collections.Q: Nomenclature/Syntax for Units of Measurement in Matlab I want to define some units of measurement in Matlab. I know that there are some units of measurement defined in the Symbolic Math Toolbox. So I would like to know, what is the syntax or the nomenclature to define a Unit of measurement in Matlab (the labels are already defined in the Toolbox). One of the problems I am having is, that I have some problems with the Labels of the units I would like to define. For example in the Toolbox, they have: ‘[diameter]’, or ‘diameter’, This looks very strange. Also the units I would like to define are: ‘[Angstrom]’, ‘Angstrom’, or ‘[Einstein]’ ‘[sec]’ I know that I have to add the units to the cell array in which I want to store the labels. But I don't know, how to define the units. An example of what I want to achieve: units = {‘[meter]’,‘[cubit]’,‘[knot]’,‘[foot]’,‘[inch]’,‘[kilogram]’,‘[second]’,‘[micron]’,‘[kilometre]’,‘[degree]’,‘[mole]’,‘[tonne]’,‘[yard]’,‘[yuan]’,‘[mile]’,‘[diameter]’,‘[degree]’,‘[per]’,‘[nano]’,‘[foot]’,‘[centimetre]’,‘[degree]’,‘[tonne]’,‘[gallon]’,‘[millimetre]’,‘[




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